Alternative Health Anxiety – Product Review To Help Battle Anxiety

Product Review: Qigong Beginning Practice DVD

Alternative health anxiety practices come in many forms. Utilizing yoga; deep breathing techniques; and other forms of meditation can help in alleviating anxiety and promote a balance within. Qigong or Qi Gong, pronounced Chi Gong, is not a new way to meditate. Chi refers to life force energy; and Gong means to practice, which dates back to over 4000 years in Chinese traditional medicine. It is an excellent starting point to ensure overall well-being and can, in fact, relieve many health conditions you may face.

The Qigong Beginning Practice DVD consists of slow movements and breathing techniques that stimulate energy flow. It promotes a natural way to reduce stress and illness, and it shows you how to tap into the power of Qi to feel stronger, more fluid, and more agile, while at the same time strengthening your immune system.

Here is what users of this popular DVD had to say: “I’m new to the practice of QiGong. This DVD provides a powerful insight to its practice and depth of purpose. It is easy to follow and quickly absorbs one in the flow of using QiGong in one’s life.”

Another enthusiast user wrote: “This is my first introduction to Qigong and found the documentary DVD and actual instruction very informative and easy to follow. I have been starting my mornings by following along with one or more segments and then moving on to the next segments on following days. If you are interested in Qigong – I would definitely recommend starting out here.”

A woman who viewed Qi Gong on TV commented: “I happened to be clicking from one channel to the other when suddenly I heard this soothing voice. A man was standing on a large plank, on a lake, with a scene of nature surrounding him which invoked calm and peace. The man was performing these very slow movements. As the voice explained what each movement was and how it affected the body, I became intrigued and felt an immediate sense of calm, and my breathing changed as well. Even though I was not engaging in the exercise, I soon learned this was Qi Gong.

The program was part of a PBS special. As I watched and listened, I felt my body relax and became fully focused on the voice. The movements by the gentleman were soft, slow, but with purpose. I decided then and there I would purchase this DVD and become totally involved in this meditative form of exercise.”

Finally, a Qi Gong user wrote: “Francesco Garripoli is an engaging instructor who clearly loves Qigong. The snow-capped mountains in the background are spectacular, the music is great and the demonstrations and explanations are succinct and spot on. A few repetitions and you get it. I particularly like the concluding section of movements aimed at specific illnesses, e.g., if you have sore shoulders do this practice. It has been proven that if people can exert even a small degree of control over their illness it will increase their self confidence and they will get better faster.”

Essentials Facts to Help Fight Health Anxiety

The saying ‘know your enemies’ does apply to the fight against health anxiety. Those who learn as much as they can about their conditions stand a better chance in overcoming their anxiety. To start you off on your journey toward better understanding of your issues, below are five essentials facts to take into account.

1. At any given time, an astonishing amount of people go through their lives agonized by this type of anxiety. At its maximum, there are as many as 20% Americans suffering from health anxiety.

2. You know those who are forever suspicious of their health, the people we call hypochondria. Cyberchondria are those who go on Googling their symptoms to actually find grounds for their usually unreal fears.

3. It is unusual for health anxiety to come alone. It is usually comes in package; you may find yourself suffering from social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder as well. Chances are also high things might develop into clinical depression.

4. Women tend to fall victim to health anxiety more than men. Scientists however believe that both gender are tormented by this condition only men hardly discuss such matters with their physicians thus the misleading statistic.

5. Most common prescriptions given by doctors are medications like SSRIs. The negative side effects however lead to beliefs of serious illness being generated. Problems with prescribed medication make cognitive and other psychological therapies better choices.

Studying and knowing as much as possible about your difficulties are the best way to find yourself in the journey to overcome anxiety. Informing yourself of all essential facts is definitely the way to go in starting your fight.

Health Anxiety Symptoms – How a Simple Trick Can Completely Eliminate Them

If you currently experience any unpleasant health anxiety symptoms, you could benefit from using a simple tip that’s recently been discovered, and which is proving highly beneficial to health anxiety sufferers.

It’s based on the very old (and very well-known) trick of breathing into a paper bag to normalize your breathing during a panic attack, or when you’re hyperventilating.

When your breathing is too shallow, and when you hyperventilate, your body becomes over-oxygenated. This can cause many of the symptoms associated with panic attacks, and with health anxiety in particular: headaches, dizziness, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, and many more.

Breathing into a paper bag during a panic attack, or when you’re hyperventilating, helps to fight off these symptoms by correcting the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. By breathing in your own carbon dioxide from inside the paper bag you remove the excess oxygen from your body.

This trick can produce good results for anxiety suffers while they’re experiencing an attack.

But there’s a slightly different way to apply this paper bag idea, and it can produce incredible results in combating the undesirable physical symptoms associated with health anxiety, and with all forms of panic disorder.

It’s the same concept, applied very differently.

Instead of breathing into a paper bag during an attack, or while you’re hyperventilating, you do it a handful of times a day when you’re not having an attack, and when you’re not hyperventilating.

This is a completely different approach to using the paper bag trick. It goes from being “cure” to being “prevention.”

And prevention has to be better than cure, because it means the attack never has to come.

And here’s why this idea can work so well: people who suffer with extreme anxiety are almost always in a state of over-oxygenation. This is because anxiety sufferers’ breathing is always too shallow, which means the oxygen or carbon dioxide levels are never correctly balanced.

If an anxiety sufferer breathes into a paper bag for 30 or 40 seconds, 4 or 5 times throughout the day, their oxygen/carbon dioxide levels will be more balanced than they have ever been before.

The first benefit of this will be far fewer panic attacks, simply because the breathing will be under control, and the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels will be balanced.

But it’s the second benefit that can really make the difference.

Many of the physical and mental sensations experienced as a result of health anxiety are caused because of extremely shallow breathing. These same problems are present in almost all forms of panic and anxiety disorder, and it all comes down to the body being over-oxygenated.

And using the paper bag trick in this new way can go a long way to preventing this physical state from happening, which in turn can cause a massive reduction in the mental and physical symptoms experienced by those with extreme anxiety.

So take 30 or 40 seconds a few times a day to breathe into a paper bag, get that oxygen or carbon dioxide balance back to normal, and see the difference it can make in reducing or even eliminating your health anxiety symptoms, and the symptoms experienced with all forms of anxiety and panic disorder.

The Essential Keys To Stopping Health Anxiety Naturally

When I look at my past and my 6 year battle with health anxiety, I realize that,any people were very misinformed when it came to what anxiety really is. I used to be told to breath, or to take some time for myself, but the truth is taking time for myself was one of my biggest fears in life at the time due to what may happen if my health anxiety got out of control. I fear the worst always, my body zaps were a sign of cancer, my heart palpitations were a sign that a hearth attack was on its way.

The Cycle Of Chronic Health Related Anxiety Is Debilitating

As I have now naturally overcome chronic health anxiety, what I really needed to hear back then was not to go see a doctor or a therapist. It was simply to follow 6 steps to live by, and implement then on a daily basis. These 6 steps have been the key to overcoming my health anxiety in the shortest amount of time an they are:

1) Complete Acceptance – Accepting that what I was going through was related to my health anxiety and nothing more.

2) Becoming Knowledgeable – Read up on health anxiety, listen to audios from peoplechronic health anxiety who have stopped their own health anxiety issues etc. Become an expert on the subject, this way your confidence grows and this is key.

3) Building On Facts – Build on the facts of the past, that these symptoms of anxiety you continue to experience daily has never harmed you, or will they hurt you in the future. Put up motes around your bathroom, your fridge, put pictures up of the joy you had when you left the emergence room un-scaved after a panic attack.

4) Take Action – Stepping out of your comfort zone for a health related anxiety sufferer is like parachuting out of an airplane, I get it. It’s totally scary and completely foreign. But the truth is if you’re going to stop you health anxiety naturally it’s time to step into some of your fears in a gradual way, and begin to implement these strategies on a daily basis.

5) Accept Setbacks – before you embark on your natural path to stopping your health related anxiety, you need to completely understand that setbacks in the form of new physical symptoms of anxiety, as well as debilitating and constant fearful thoughts are inevitable. Look at them as a sign that your anxiety is on its heels, and that you’re headed in the right direction.

6) Patience – Finally, you need to develop patience. There is no set time of when your anxiety will end, when you’ll be able to ignore those lingering symptoms of anxiety, or when you’ll be able to easily move through those scary and fearful thoughts. Some people recover from chronic health anxiety faster then others, this may or may not be you. The point here is that you can’t set a time limit on when you MUST recover, or else you’ll give up. Have patience, put yourself in a constant state of learning and applying. Confidence over your health anxiety is the key to ending the debilitating problem.

So there you have it, your very own guide to to stopping your anxiety naturally. Begin understanding these 6 critical steps today, and soon your life won’t be the way it was, it will be much much better then that.