Public Relations Career Information

Are you interested in a public relations career? There are many opportunities to pursue careers in both corporate public relations and with public relations companies. PR is a growing career field, and there are many opportunities in this profession.

Public Relations as a Career

Public relations professionals spend the majority of their time planning, implementing, and evaluating promotional campaigns on behalf of their clients or companies. Public relations jobs typically include one or more of the following: writing, media relations, graphic design, public speaking, event planning, and other similar tasks. Depending on the type of organization with which you are employed, your job may involve any or all of these responsibilities, as well as other duties.

Skills Needed for a Public Relations Career

In order to be considered for a position in public relations, you will need to have strong communication skills. Successful public relations practitioners must be able to be able to write and speak clearly. PR practitioners communicate with their clients, employers, coworkers, the general public, and media representatives on an ongoing basis. Nearly every PR job requires, at a minimum, writing press releases and pitching stories to journalists via email, by telephone, and/or in person.

Many public relations jobs require making guest appearances on television programs, being interviewed on radio shows, and giving speeches or making presentations to groups of all sizes. Others require writing in-depth documents such as speeches, brochures, training manuals, and other publications. Additionally, PR practitioners are often responsible for coaching company executives and clients regarding how to speak to reporters and other media representatives.

In addition to strong communication skills, public relations professionals need to have excellent organizational skills, particularly if their job duties encompass media relations and event planning. PR professionals can be responsible for handling pre-planning, logistics, setup, and promotions for news conferences, grand openings, new product launches, and many other types of events.

Training for a Career In Public Relations

A degree specific to the public relations field is not necessary for a career in public relations, but it can certainly be beneficial. Most companies do require Bachelor’s degrees or a significant amount of related work experience for even entry-level PR positions. Many people choose to move into Public Relations from careers in journalism, publishing, sales and other types of occupations that require strong writing skills.

Many people who are successful in public relations have completed formal education in fields such as: Advertising, Communication Arts, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication, Psychology, Public Relations, and similar fields. Regardless of your major, if you college has a student chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) professional organization, it is a good idea to get involved.

A college student who wants to pursue a career in PR will be well-served by completing an internship with a public relations company or in corporate communication in order to get hands-on experience in the field. A combination of classroom training, hands-on internship experience, and recommendations from professionals in the field are very beneficial to anyone seeking employment in the public relations field.

Mesothelioma – Cancer Of The Lung Lining

Mesothelioma is a very rare form of lung cancer that arises in the mesothelium. The mesothelium is made up of parietal and visceral membranes, thin layers of tissue, which surround organs and body cavities, such as the lungs or abdomen. The visceral membrane immediately surrounds the organ, and the parietal membrane is a sac covering. The visceral and parietal membranes that make up the mesothelium. The mesothelium is referred to by different names, depending on what part of the body it is found in.

Dealing with mesothelioma

Dealing with mesothelioma is a very difficult process. It will require a lot of physical and emotional endurances. The best way to understand mesothelioma is to learn everything that you can learn about the disease. This should include the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of mesothelioma- cancer of the lung lining.


Since mesothelioma-cancer of the lung lining takes a long time to develop inside a human body. It is often difficult to identify the symptoms. In the early stages there may not even be any symptoms at all. When they do appear the most common early symptoms are shortness of breath and chest pains.

Presentations and expectations

There are two major types of asbestos: chrysotile and amphibole. It is thought that exposure to the exposure to the amphibole form is more likely to cause mesothelioma-cancer of the lung lining. However, chrysotile has been used more frequently hence many mesothelioma are caused by chrysotile.

Removal is taking place in schools and other public buildings throughout the U.S. . The hope is that these measures will greatly reduce the occurrence of this cancer.

Long-term effects of the disease

A mesothelioma-cancer of the lung lining is a highly aggressive tumor that is generally deadly. Current treatment of malignant mesothelioma-cancer of the lung lining is designed to make the person with cancer comfortable.


There is no universally agreed protocol for screening people who have been exposed to asbestos. However some research indicates that the serum osteopontin level might be useful in screening asbestos- exposed people for mesothelioma. The level of soluble mesothelin- related protein is elevated in the serum of about 75% of patients at diagnosis and it has been suggested that it may be useful for screening.


Once mesothelioma-cancer of lung lining has been diagnosed a treatment procedure can be recommended and begun. The correct treatment will depend on a number of factors. They include the location of the tumor, the stage of the disease and how far the cancer has spread in the patient. The recommendation will also depend on the age and overall health of the patient.

It is certainly not easy to deal with all of the medical, physical, emotional and financial issues that may be raised when dealing with a serious disease like mesothelioma-cancer of lung lining, but it always better to be prepared. We can just have a hope that in future as the medical science advances this incurable disease can also be cured and lives of many people can be saved.

Importance Of Outdoor Bus Advertising In Gaining Brand Visibility

Even with the adaptation of different types of advertisement procedures like the print media, social media, electronics media etc. outdoor advertisement has still proved as a boon to the marketing world. It enables to bring up more visibility and provides a boost in enhancing the brand value of the product. Bus advertising is one of the forms of outdoor advertisements which are used to reach out to the people. This mode of advertisement does not wait for the people to reach out for the product and are not facilitated for a particular location. They can cover a large area of their locality because of the continuous exposure of these buses to different locations.

This form of advertising can make a long lasting impression in the mind of the customer and is a wonderful way to increase your promotion coverage. Bus advertising is considered as a wonderful promotional way because it helps in providing a continual exposure about the product and the brand as compared to other forms of advertisements. In order to last a perfect impression, you have to make sure of installing proper decals and stickers. You can even determine the route of the bus and adapt the proper method accordingly to target different communities. This is considered as one of the best cost effective solutions that can be adapted for promotional activities.

Bus advertising can be made as one of the best ways to make the people aware about the latest products. However, you cannot deliver all the services offered by the company unless you make it large. This service helps you to reach diversified audiences which are neglected by the other forms of media. With this service you can even target a specific segment of customers who are devoid of the facilities. If you want to advertise your brand or campaign in the streets then you can hire a specialist advertising agency that can provide you with portable fleet services.

Mobile billboard advertising has proved to be the sophisticated form of advertisements which are capable to leave a lasting impression. Hoardings and stationary billboard are restricted to a particular location and so does your communication. There are certain features that should not be neglected before getting accustomed with this method. The considerations are:

�Descriptive and innovative title: A suitable title can help to grab the attention of the customer.
�Quality pictures and images: Images are the best means of communication and quality images and gestures can enhance the service.
�Proper contact specifications: Unless you mentioned your contacts specifications, people will never be able to connect themselves with your product.
�Tagging different social media sites: By tagging different social media sites you can widen the search by providing different platforms to the people.

You can find a lot of mobile billboard advertising agencies who can provide you with all the mobile facilities taxi, trucks and other locomotives for billboard advertising. They can even help you in providing campaigns that can act as a suitable promotional tool.

Inspired Enough For A Career In Creative Arts?

The term creative arts is an umbrella description for a wide ranging and extremely diverse topic. If you consider yourself as a creative person with an idea of what skills you possess, then transforming these ideas into jobs can be difficult. Mostly due to the disparate industries that define themselves as being in the creative arts sector.

Probably the most far reaching of employment sectors, it contains art design, drama, film, publishing and music. All these subjects can be viewed as sectors in their own right and have an assortment of jobs related to them. Here I will try to clarify some of the career opportunities in each sector of the creative arts discipline.

Starting with art design as a sub category, a number of job roles are prevalent, in media and advertising graphic designers are in constant need to design advertising campaigns and often images for magazines and newspapers.

Also in this sector the role of cartoonists and animators is present, for those with a talent for drawing fun vibrant characters this is a very real option. This industry however functions on an extremely laborious medium so meticulousness is a necessity.

Drama and performing arts can also be viewed as fundamentally creative. Although some may dispel budding young actors from pursuing it as a career, there is more to the business than Hollywood. A number of smaller roles are constantly available in soap opera and television dramas. This is not to discount the stage as a valid career pursuit for those with the acting bug.

Also under the curtain of performing arts are the disciplines of dance, magic and comedy. Generally these are seen as gifts that require talent as well as expertise, although the dancing industry can be lucrative and breaking out can simply mean dancing in clubs as professional dancers.

Magicians are often requested at social events such as weddings and can make a fair wage purely undertaking private functions, whereas comedy has truly got to be a passion, its one thing being funny with your friends, but standing on stage in front of hundreds of people and making them laugh, could not be further removed from banter down the pub.

If blessed with the talents of writing the options are in many ways infinite. Granted it is a very small number of authors who become published and actually make a living from their writing, but that should turn people away from the medium. The press and media require creative writers in large numbers whilst the world of advertising has many uses for those skilled with a pen in their hand.

The music industry can also be brought under the creative arts umbrella, apart from the big band stars and vocalists on Top of the Pops the industry has a wide variety of jobs open to those who are interested.

Music production is often overlooked by the general public but in many cases it is producers who put the majority of work into records and not the stars. Also there are the more technical aspects such as dubbing mixers that give records their professional sound. Jobs in the music industry are advisable to anyone who lives and breathes melodies day and night.

Overall jobs in the creative arts incorporate so many different roles and skills that it is hard to make any generalizations about the industry. Apparently if you consider yourself as a creative person and have a real passion for what you do, be it sing, write, draw or act, finding jobs within your chosen sector will not be difficult.

Unfortunately it must be remembered that you will never be the only one who considers themselves creative enough for a job. Jobs within the creative arts sector are fiercely fought over, competition for positions is high and often low level positions are not so well paid.

Clearly employers in this industry look at your passion for a subject and willingness to achieve your goals in that field. Unless you truly desire jobs in this sector it is hard to break into the any of the industries mentioned above.

Video Games Can Be Educational For Children

There seems to be a constant battle on how video games are affecting the children that are playing them, but the fact is that video games can teach children too. In fact, video games can help to enhance the reading skills of a child, not to mention help build their coordination and visual skills.

In several video games, your child get to become the main character who travels throughout the game purchasing different items needed to complete the video game successfully, while reading special instructions given throughout the video game. Since the child is simply interested in playing the video game they become unaware that they are actually reading and often times the reading is above their regular grade level. You may often hear your child say they do not like to read, but if you will take the time to watch them play particular video games and tell them you can not see the writing that well, then hopefully they will read it to you and you will become fairly surprised.

Video games can even inspire children to new interests as well. In fact, when a child plays a video game that they do not know much about, then you may see your child bringing books home from the school library that are similar to their new video game. When a child is participating in a video game, then children can see history come alive. Each video game that your child plays must be viewed as having a positive side instead of listening to all the hubba of others, because video games can teach your child different skills.

Some video games are designed to teach the skills necessary for making a living as they give the gamer a variety of different choices. Video games also confront gamers with issues such as moral dilemmas, solving challenging problems, and developing social relationships as well. Children who play video games often have the pick up from a cluttered area than those that do not. In fact, studies are now showing that when learning is added into video game playing children begin being faster at the other activities they participate in.

Some where in the future of time teachers may begin incorporating the playing of video games into the assignments of their students. Several government agencies will use computerized video games to assist in stimulating certain types of situations for their employees. In fact, even the military and NASA train with computerized video games, which is due to the changes in computer technology. By looking more at the positive side of video games parents and teacher could really bring themselves closer to children.

Often times children are playing their video games on-line, which makes playing video games much more of a social activity. Children and adults can learn more from each other if they take the time to learn how to play these video games with each other, which will also open up the lines of communication and understanding. Hopefully, more individuals will see video games in a more positive light instead of in a negative way most of the time.

Fashion And You- A Perfect Blend Of High Class And Luxurious Items For All

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what If Your Pets Used Myspace?

Let’s put aside our rational thinking for a moment, and imagine that pets start using Myspace. Sounds interesting? Well it is an interesting topic. To begin, would a pet call its owner its pet or its master? Or would it simply use the owner’s first name? Let’s assume that the pet and owner are on a first name basis. Also for simplicity’s sake let’s assume that the pet is a cat. So what would a cat’s favourite activity be? Some time with the scratching post maybe? How about playing with a ball of wool? Just like you and me, a cat has its own set of activities and pastimes.
So, a cat on Myspace would be pretty much alone, there is no way a cat would enjoy going to Starbucks or have Britney Spears as her favourite singer; a cat would need to interact with other animals, preferably other cats. Not to mention, at this point we are also assuming that Myspace would actually have a profile designed for non-human species. For example, a Myspace profile has space to enter a user’s gender but no place to enter an animal’s species or the sub-species. Not to mention, there is no community that reads meow-mix’s new fish flavoured cat food is horrible”.
Myspace may be the biggest social networking site, but it is in no way a social networking site for pets. Pets (as it stands today) have no single social networking site, or don’t they? Believe it or not there is a new site on the internet that allows pets to register themselves and interact with other pets. Of course, it is the pet owners that register the pets, but think about it for a moment, a way for pet owners and pets alike to interact with each other. And believe it or not there is absolutely nothing lost in translation. allows pet owners to register only their pets as members of the website (sorry! owners have to use Myspace). What is interesting about is that there are no registration charges and unlike other pet websites, the website is genuinely trying to help people find what they are looking for. As far as pet website’s go, is ruling the roost at the moment. There are other websites that allow pet owners to upload photos and display a bio, but it takes a specialized social networking site designed just for animals to bring everything together.
Comparable to any social networking site, offers blogs, friend lists, picture uploads and other social networking features. If you are a pet owner and want to know how you can make the most of your pet experience or simply want to speak to other pet owners, the best option is registering with niche sites like Remember, just like human beings your pet will be in good company and meet other pets online. Of course, as a pet owner you also stand a good chance of meeting other pet owners in the same area, so in essence it’s not just a pet social networking site.
How do you go about finding a friend for your dog or cat? If you are a member of don’t worry. The website allows users to search for other pets based on various criteria, and the best part is that users can actually view a full bio of pets that interest them. Since is perhaps the only social networking site for pets, a pet owner can actually view photos of other pets to decide which pets they would like his/her pet to be friends with. In addition, all profiles are rated by other members, so one can get a better idea of the popularity of the profiles they are looking at. If you are looking for a friend for your pet, a visit to is a must.

Denying Racism Is the New Racism

Have you ever wondered why it’s difficult for most white people in the United States to affirm that racism exists? Well, it’s because the white community is seldom on the receiving end of racist activities and as such, they never get to experience it first hand. One of the important lessons taught to us by capitalism is the notion that “it’s not my business unless it affects me directly.” This is exactly the reason why denying racism is the new racism. Let’s take a detailed look at these issues through a nonpartisan lens.

1. America’s Deadly Denial of Racism
I call it deadly because this form of racism is slithery and venomous, but so subtle you will hardly notice. It’s the same as standing still and watching a fellow innocent American being beaten to death and doing nothing. It takes the silence of good people for evil to reign. In essence, if you are sitting in a restaurant and the waiters treat you better than the African American couple in the table across you should speak up or you are much a racist as the Ku Klux Klan.

2. Denial of White Privilege
You only need to look at economic demographics to understand that racism actually exists. Whites are at the top of the pecking order and share a huge amount of the national cake. White privilege is especially rampant in the job market and academia. You will hear a number of excuses but the underlying cause is actually race.

3. Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism
The American society is wired in such a way that people don’t like to meddle in the affairs of others. Whites have developed a tough skin towards racial issues and will immediately switch to defense mode the moment you mention racism. To them, the vice is considered as a problem of the “others” and therefore none of their business. However, a strong stance should be adopted because of the fact that denying racism is the new racism.

4. Why do many white people pretend racism does not exist?
The answer is easy and direct. It is simply because they are seldom on the receiving end. They have lived in a society that economically, socially, and politically favorable to whites. Therefore, most will consider it an advantage rather than a vice. For instance, who would complain just because they were hired based on their race? Rather than support it openly, most whites choose to pretend that it doesn’t exist just to maintain the status quo.

Denying racism is the new racism because it equals turning a blind eye on a vice that actually exists. Due to the fear and negative publicity associated with supporting racism, most white Americans choose to deny it’s existence.

Insurance Sales: Personal Stories and Examples

Personal Examples Help Your Prospects Understand the Need

I think most insurance agents and financial advisors spend too much time and effort illustrating projections, and explaining policy features.

Because that’s not what really “sells”.

The most compelling reason for “buying” insurance coverage is neither the features nor the provisions of the coverage. The reason most people buy insurance of any kind, is to prevent a “bad” event – like a traffic accident or a heart attack – from becoming a “worse” event – like losing their income or their assets.

People buy insurance to protect their financial security from the “cost” of bad events.

That’s why it’s so important (critically important) to “sell the need” or sell the potential “pain” of financial loss and the practical consequences of that loss.

And one of the best ways to do that is with “stories” that provide examples of such losses, and the consequences of those loses – with or without insurance coverage.

Every journalist knows that people are engaged and intrigued by “stories”- even short stories or anecdotes – especially what they call “human interest” stories. Because people relate to stories about other people – especially those in similar situations to themselves.

And it’s been proven that people read or listen to a well told story much more carefully than they do to any other form of information. More importantly, people learn better when told a “story” in the form of an example.

That’s why stories can be one of your most effective “selling” techniques…

And why sharing personal examples with your clients and prospects is one of the best ways to establish your sincerity and credibility – while influencing their decision to buy.

Here are a few of the “stories” I have personally used:

– My son in law (the eldest of four children) lost his father to ALS when he was 14, and helped his mother raise 3 younger siblings – without life insurance.

– One of my high school buddies died of cancer when we were only 31 – leaving a young widow and 2 very young children – but with enough life insurance to pay off their home and leave them without any debts.

– I once had a business partner who collapsed from a massive heart attack during his regular morning jog – before he had completed the medical exam for key man insurance. It cost our company over a million dollars – which ultimately resulted in bankruptcy and dissolution.

– Another high school friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in his early forties – but without disability insurance. He struggled for as long as he could, but ultimately he could no longer work – first as a restaurateur, then as a realtor, and finally as a mortgage broker. And because his illness got progressively worse, even when he was working, he couldn’t earn enough to raise three children – even with his wife’s income as the office manager for a law firm.

– One of my best childhood friends was a manic depressive (and off his medications) when he jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge, when he was only 35. He left one child and a pregnant wife – again, without life insurance. Of course, these are only a few abbreviated examples of my own “stories” – but do you see how they were of interest to you, and got you thinking of your own experiences?

That’s the power of examples in the form of “story telling”.

Some of the most successful insurance sales professionals use this technique with every client or prospect – because it’s honest, it’s engaging, it’s compelling, and it works.

Summer Festivals In Dublin

For many people in the UK, summer means one thing above all else – festivals! And with a variety of music, dance and performance art festivals taking place throughout Britain from June to September, people with an interest in a variety of pursuits will always find a festival that suits them. However, if it’s your fifth consecutive year at the Cambridge Folk Festival or there’s nothing in the Edinburgh Fringe programme that you really fancy this summer, why not venture outside the UK for a festival experience with a difference? Dublin, for instance, is replete with festivals that residents and visitors alike will love.

Travel to Dublin in June and you’ll be able to experience the world famous Dublin Writers Festival. Usually taking place over a period of five days, the Dublin Writers Festival has in the past played host to the likes of journalist Rageh Omaar, renowned Irish writer Roddy Doyle and Lionel Shriver, the award-winning author of “We Need to Talk About Kevin”. Alternatively, the Darklight Festival, also held in June, is Ireland’s foremost festival for filmmakers, animators and other artists who thrive on the merging of art, film and technology.

If you’re planning a trip to Dublin in July, make sure you check out the Rose Festival. Held over the course of a weekend, the Rose Festival is held in St Anne’s Park and Rose Gardens, where you’ll be able to take your pick of a range of horticultural exhibitions, trade and craft stands. And if you’re travelling with children, you’ll also be able to let them take part in the Annual “Choose Your Rose” competition.

August sees the BEO Celtic Music Festival hit Dublin, held over a week at the National Concert Hall on Grafton Street. Here, you’ll be able to hear the best traditional music from Ireland and overseas, through a series of lunchtime concerts and musical workshops offerings spectacular music. National Heritage Week, occurring in late August, also sees a week of outdoor and indoor events, throughout which culture vultures will be able to celebrate Ireland’s rich heritage in a variety of locations.

And if you’re willing to let your summer break extend to September, don’t miss the Dublin Fringe Festival. One of Ireland’s largest performing arts festivals, the Dublin Fringe Festival offers a range of music, dance, street theatre, puppetry, comedy and visual arts events. It takes place at numerous venues across the capital, but you’ll be able to find more information on all the shows at the Dublin Fringe from the festival’s office on East Sussex Street, Temple Bar.

Dublin’s close proximity to the UK means that you won’t lose as much holiday time to travel as you would if travelling further overseas. Moreover, if you’re keen to minimise your carbon footprint, take a ferry to Dublin from Holyhead. Not only will you eliminate the environmental cost of flying, you’ll also be able to avoid long check-in queues and even take your car with you so, if the entertainment of Dublin begins to wear thin, you’ll be able to escape to the Irish countryside at the rev of an engine.