A Brief Outline Of The Tapestry Arts From Around The World.

Throughout the world, tapestry collections have captivated small and large audiences alike. Artists have historically found many of their works transformed into the tapestry medium, allowing for not only a greater widespread appreciation of their work, but for new and exciting interpretations to emerge around the vivid use of color and the complex textural attributes inherent in the extraordinary weavings.

The appeal of such collections is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. Tapestries have been commissioned for ages as a means of expression. Some tapestries have focused on the powerful nature of religious beliefs, while others have been centered around abstract symbolism representing the lifestyles, culture, traditions and celebrations of the periods during which they were conceived. These original tapestry collections have found their way into museums throughout the world and are highly revered in the art community.

The Lure of Medieval Tapestry Collections
Perhaps some of the most significant tapestries that connoisseurs have honored are the wide-ranging weavings undertaken during medieval times. These intricate and delicate collections have managed to withstand the test of time — both physically and figuratively — in such a way as to secure prominent positions in art history.

Some of the more well-known tapestry collections around the world have incorporated unicorns into their designs. Unicorns have been used throughout history to symbolize a range of concepts and emotions many of which were based on religious experiences and beliefs, elements of human nature, or a combination of these attributes. Among the most famous of these is the Lady and the Unicorn series on display at the Cluny Museum in Paris, France. This valued collection employs the use of unicorns to visually represent various human senses, such as smell, sight and touch.

Another exquisite tapestry collection involving unicorns resides in New York City at the Cloisters Museum. The series, entitled La Chasse de la Licorne, dates back to 16th century France and includes intricate and esoteric pieces such as LiCorne a la Fontaine and LiCorne Captive. These multi-faceted weavings provide an abstract suggestion of the unicorn’s healing powers (particularly with regard to the unicorn’s horn), which was a widely-held belief during the Middle Ages. The unicorns also symbolized many significant religious beliefs during the Medieval period, particularly with regard to the turmoil endured by Christ, as well as the age-old conflict between good and evil — and between purity and corruption.

Shrouded in Mystery — The Bayeux Tapestry
One of the more enigmatic and widely-recognized tapestry works is that of the Bayeux Tapestry, which dates back to the 11th century. This impressive piece is not actually a collection of tapestries at all. Rather, it is a single massive embroidery that spans more than 70 meters and depicts the Battle of Hastings as fought by William the Conqueror in 1066. The work is often viewed as a collection”, in that those who have reproduced it have typically split it into sections which focus on many of the highlights of the overall story.

The exact origins of the Bayeux Tapestry have provided much fodder for historians who have sought to unravel the mystery of its development: the first historical reference to the tapestry emerged in 1476, long after the work is believed to have been commissioned. In addition, the tapestry managed to endure significant abuse throughout its 900-year history, and the fact that very little documentation exists to explain how it has managed to survive all these years has only further contributed to the its mysterious appeal. The full-length original is now housed within a specially-designed museum in the Medieval town of Bayeux in France.

A Different Approach William Morris Tapestries
While Medieval tapestry collections have provided art historians with an abundance of presentations to appreciate, modern approaches to tapestry art have been signified in part by the compelling works of William Morris. Morris’ company was founded in 1861 and established itself as the premiere outfit for the design and production of high-quality tapestries (as well as other art forms).

Morris believed deeply in the uniqueness of the artistic expression, and this individuality shines through in every piece which has his name attached to it. One of the more popular pieces, entitled Ehret Die Frauen, is on display at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, England. This piece offers a striking combination of colors developed under 20th century weaving techniques.

Other famous Morris tapestries include the Forest — a detailed, peacock-themed work which currently resides in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Tree of Life, Flora and Woodpecker tapestries.

Tapestry Collections Continue to Inspire
Many of the tapestry collections that have gain prominence in the art community originated during Medieval times. However, tapestries have inspired artists throughout history to continue in the development of new and exciting forms of artistic expression. While touching on a few well-known tapestry collections here, it should be noted that a plethora of additional tapestries are spread throughout the world and continue to inspire and influence the art community worldwide.

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Food For Thought When Travelling

That’s what most people try to tell themselves when they go travelling. The stress of remembering the lights you left on in the house, the rubbish you forgot to throw out or the toothcrush that didn’t make it into your suitcase will make your trip agonizing.

If you’re one of the people above then you know that life’s little lessons are tried and true – buy a travel checklist. This will help you to ensure that your essential travelling documents like passport, flight tickets and itinerary are with you as well as your tanning cream and bathing suit.

Finding the right packing style for your trip is actually kind of fun. Even if you don’t know where you’re going yet or about how much you want to pack with you, take the time to shopg and compare. You can compare the measurements and weight of suitcases, flight bags, carry on luggage, garment bags, and hand bags online or in the retailers near you. Try to look for accessories that are light but of durable quality. Lots of sales assistants try to sell you the colors you’re looking for and don’t think about what you need to put in the case. The more appealing cases and bags, usually high quality, tend to be the heaviest of them all. When you find something you like, literally weigh it out in your mind before buy it.

Travel diaries and disposable cameras are a very important of your trip. Without these accessories you have no real way of recalling the most craziest and most fascinating experiences you’re about to have. You know what it’s like when you ask someone how their holiday was and they tell you they saw the beach and a couple tourist areas and took in a show in the evening for fun. You want to see it too! Take a look online or in the shops to find the product you like and will actually use.

Most people don’t think they’ll last long on a journey before they get comfortable and fall asleep. For some that is true but for others, like me, we need something to keep us entertained. A good book to lose yourself in will take your attention off the clock and allow the chance to escape the journey into a whole different time and/or place. Best sellers can be purchased at the airport at a slightly higher cost to the average retailer or bookstore but usually carry a wide selection.

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The Evolution Of The Air Taser

The stun gun has gone through several editions, each one using advanced technology to increase the capabilities of this self defense weapon preferred by most people worldwide.

Indeed, today’s handheld electroshock weapons have come a long way from the earliest prototypes first developed in the 1960s.

Origins of the Stun Gun

It was an aerospace engineer that originally came up with the idea of creating a small propellant device that would emit a pair of projectiles. The projectiles looked more like barbed darts attached to wires coming out of a flashlight case. This first prototype was dubbed the Taser TF-76. The shock from these early devices was hardly more than enough to simply surprise a recalcitrant in the hopes that he would behave better.

The devices gained in popularity and Jack Cover, the engineer, soon started his own production company. Because it was considered a Title 2 weapon by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms division of the United States government, the Taser was only allowed to be used by law enforcement agents. Since this was such a limited market, it was not long before Cover’s company was forced to close its doors.

The Modern Stun Gun

The Taser would have faded into history if it were not for a pair of Arizona brothers who sought to revamp the weapon and make it available to the average consumer in mass markets.

Along with Jack Cover, the Smith brothers of Scottsdale came up with a new design that involved compressed air as the impetus for the darts in the cylinder. They called this new model the Air Taser 34000. The key differences were the propellant and the projectiles, which were composed of Anti-Felon Identification Confetti to aid in police tracking efforts.

The Air Taser was demonstrated at a conference in Prague. Unfortunately, it failed the test of law enforcement officials miserably as the jolt from the device was deemed not strong enough to stop an assailant. Thus the next incarnation of the stun gun came about.

The brothers and Cover went back to the drawing board and came up with a new way to deliver a stronger electric shock. This more potent shock would cause muscles to seize up, thereby rendering most assailants temporarily immobile. The Taser M18 and M26 stun guns quickly became a hit. Because it was non-lethal, these weapons were a perfect alternative to guns for many security personnel as well as law enforcement agents.

There have been many more versions of the original electroshock weapon created by Jack Cover decades ago. The shape has changed, the devices have become lighter, and advancing technology has allowed for a greater bang for the buck.

Today’s stun guns are sophisticated, non-lethal weapons that the average consumer can feel safe carrying for personal protection. Check out the available options on today’s market and find a self-defense device that is perfect for your needs.

Diagnosing Mental Health

Commonly referred to as an individual’s emotional or psychological well-being, mental health is a term that has no one official definition according to the World Health Organization. Most experts believe that mental health is measured by an individual’s ability to remain capable and competent, handling normal levels of stress, maintaining happy and healthy relationships and his/her ability to lead an independent life. Another sign of mental health is being able to quickly recover from difficult situations, which may include both physical and emotional.

While individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental illness often require a greater need for mental health promotion, even those who have not been diagnosed still need a certain amount of the same. The truth is that everyone has mental health needs, including those who have no illness. Mental health promotion may be given in the way of encouragement, love, support, understanding, etc.

If an individual believes that he/she is suffering from a mental health illness, a psychiatrist should be consulted for a professional evaluation. In some cases, a regular discussion with a professional may be enough for individuals to overcome their issues and return to a positive mental health status. For others, medication may be required or even hospitalization in extreme cases. With the proper treatment, many individuals who suffer from some type of mental health illness can often live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The first part of overcoming any type of illness is to recognize the problem early, whether that recognition comes directly from the sufferer or from those closest to him/her.

It is important to realize the difference between a positive mental health status and one that may be indicative of an illness. Every life has stressful situations, tears that must be shed and boundaries that must be overcome. However, the best way to measure mental health is by assessing an individual’s ability to handle these situations appropriately. There is no one universal symptom or sign of a mental health illness, but is best described as an individual’s inability to operate or deal with everyday situations in a healthy and productive manner.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Anyone with questions regarding mental health must consult their physician for further information, a diagnosis and/or treatment regimen if one is deemed necessary.

How To Learn Programming

You can become a computer programmer by going to college to study computer science and beginning an entry level computer programmer job after college. However, if you cannot afford to spend years in college before you begin your programming career, you can learn programming from experienced developers or teach yourself computer programming using affordable textbooks, training courses and or coaching programs. I have written a series of articles telling people how to become a programmer in the shortest possible time frame. In this article I will show you how to become a computer programmer without going to college.

What Type of Credentials are Employers Looking For?

Getting your first programming job without a college education is not as hard as you may think. This is because when it comes to programming, employers put more emphasis on your ability to write good quality code than your educational credentials. Many programmers have taken advantage of this to forgo college and focus on developing their programming skills to the best of their ability.

What Do Employers Want?

You’ve made over your resume, submitted it and begun preparing for programming interviews; first ask yourself the question “What are prospective employers looking for?” Whether you learned programming yourself or were taught at college or in a correspondence training course, employers are looking for superior software development skills more than anything else. After you are hired employers expect you to be able to document and design software applications and write good quality code, regardless of where you learned the skill.

It Is Easy To Study Computer Programming and Get a Job

One of the best kept advantages of becoming a computer programmer is that you can learn computer programming at home and advance your skills to a competent level without first getting a programming job. When I realized this more than 12 years ago that I could just buy a computer, connect it to the internet and learn as much programming as I wanted without having to get a job first, I was excited. Of course, I realized that I would still need to invest in programming books, buy software development tools, and invest in training packages that would allow me to learn programming on my own. I figured out that the total cost of my investments in computer programming training would pale in comparison to how much I would earn as a programmer and how much more time it would take me to study medicine or law in college. I took my developer training and got a well-paying contract programming job within 6 months, an opportunity I knew I would not have had with any other high paying career.

How to Get a Computer Programming Job without a College Degree

What you need to emphasize when looking for a computer programming job is your software development knowledge, coding skills and any programming experience that is related to the job you are interviewing for. If you don’t have a college degree emphasizes the other skills you have attained, like your ability to learn technology quickly, how you keep up with technology or solve real programming problems. In other words, you have to prove to prospective employers or hiring managers that you can do the job well if given the chance. Make sure your prospective employer sees the list of programming projects you have completed in a short time, web sites or software programs you have built and a list of books and future projects you are planning to work on. Show your prospective employer that you have a beautiful mind and make the case that you are an asset to any one who hires you!

Where Does This Leave You?

This leaves you without an excuse for not taking action. I am granting you the opportunity to purse your interests, your aspirations and your personal desire to learn or master computer programming. I take pride in being an IT Career Coach, software developer mentor, and contract programmer who has worked with people that have overcome all sorts of obstacles, personal situations, and challenges to begin their programming career. On my blog, I coach, mentor and train individuals who want to transition to a software developer career or become an expert computer programmer. From my personal experience and observation helping programmers from all over the world succeed in software development professions, your success in programming boils down to how skilled you are at software development and how much experience you have in solving real-world computer problems. If you gain a lot of practical programming skills and knowledge your software development career will go into overdrive.

If you want to improve your programming skills and take your career to the next level, I encourage you to read the book “The Street Smart Guide to Computer Programmer Careers”. It goes into detail on “how to learn software development in as short a time as 24 weeks. It will shave years off your learning curve by showing you how to learn programming fast, how to prepare your resume so you get noticed by hiring managers, how to prepare and excel at technical job interviews so you get job offers more easily and how to consistently gain the kind of programming experience that keeps your career moving forward.

Online Market Research Very Essential To Your Business

Market research becomes vital, when it comes to form a marketing plan for any business. The business owner, no matter, how small the size of his establishment, wants to find everything he can about his potential customers. Market research is an effective tool in any business. It helps one to know, the customers, which one should target and the ways in which one should promote the product. It involves a methodical accumulation of information and a further study in it for specific requirements. The right implication of market research, directly affects your business.

Internet Market research will help you to better communicate – Your current customers experiences are a valuable information source, not only will they allow you to estimate how well you currently meet their expectations, they can also tell you where you are getting things right and more importantly, where you are getting things wrong.

By asking the customer, you not only show them that you care but you also take the guess work out of customer services.

Good market research gives you the best return on investment you can have, but it is important to realize that it pays off in the long run, not in short run. There are two types of market research you need to be aware of. The first is quantitative which measures numbers and percentages of how much customers buy. The other is qualitative which gives you the reasons why customers buy a certain product or service.

Market research helps you identify opportunities. If you are planning to operate a new service and want to know the preconceived attitudes people have, then market research can help, not only in evaluating the potential for a new idea, but also by identify the areas where a marketing message needs to be honed.

Market research will also help you better communicate with customers. The information you can get from them, whether they tell you are getting things right or wrong, they are all valuable information source. In this way, you may be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. In this way also you will be able to know how well you currently meet their expectations. A regular market research will show if changes or improvements are being made and if the outcome is great, it will help motivate a team.

Market research helps you to sell your product or service to people, who need it, thus creating a demand. Putting forward your product in a way that appeals to your customers is also an important role-played by Market research. Market research also helps to identify the existing and possible obstacles involved, at the right time. Hiring the services of a market research company will diminish the risks involved in business by recognizing the prospects of trade.

Should I Buy Discount Shoes?

With the current rise in prices on almost everything, we can’t help but try to buy whatever is offered at a much cheaper price. Most of us are on a tight budget, so majority of our purchases are really being well thought of to ensure that we get the most for what we are paying for. Because a lot of the items like clothes and shoes (especially those made by well-known brands) are becoming a bit expensive, there are numerous shops that are offering such products at budget prices. But before you go and spend on that money on a pair of shoes you think you are getting a good bargain for, think twice so that you wouldn’t end up regretting what you bought.

Since the shoes are sold at a very cheap price, these are likely made of inexpensive material. You can’t expect to buy a good pair of leather shoes here. Most of the material would be made out of synthetic leather and you can’t expect it to possess the same good quality as those that you would find in department stores or those offered by well known brands. You can’t expect the shoes to last long like most quality shoes so you need to carefully scrutinize its stitching and check also for scratches and loose ends that may not have been properly glued.

Shoes sold by expensive brands have more padding for added comfort and support. When you check out shoes at a discount outlet, check the cushioning inside the shoes. Most inexpensive shoes do not have the padding that offers you comfort. Try out the shoes first and take a walk around the shop to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you are wearing them.

Most shoes nowadays have embellishments. You can’t expect the beads, bows and decors on these cheap shoes to be properly sewn on them. When you think of purchasing budget shoes with decorations check and ensure that they won’t easily come off after a few times you would have worn them. If you find them loosely attached on the shoes and you feel that they will fall off in no time, don’t purchase the pair.

When inside budget shoe shops be aware of the styles being offered. Most of the time the styles being offered here are no longer in fashion and outdated. Though you may think that you are getting a good deal for the shoes, you still might not wear them since they were last year’s style.

I’m not telling you not to buy from these discount outlets. You decide if you want to buy budget shoes. Just make sure that it is worth for what you are paying for.

The Importance Of Web Design, Seo And Sem

Whether your company is large or small, you must have a web presence that works for your business. Commanding a powerful presence on the World Wide Web has become a table stake. A company’s web design details and web presence has replaced a wide array of communication vehicles.

Nowadays customers, suppliers, and even potential investors form a first impression from a company’s web presence. And it’s not just the homepage – a good cover followed by unfriendly navigation, hard to decipher visuals, or simply too many graphic images will ruin a visit to a website.

Next, you have to be sure that the front end, “the market engine,” is tied tightly to all of your company’s back-office functions. Everything must work smoothly so that billing, customer care and relationship management, inventory, shipping, and even sales can use your web presence as an integrated business tool.

So in a nut shell, here is basically the steps to great web design when you tie it into SEO and SEM. Getting yourself a favorable listing in search engines is a matter of following these two steps when designing your website pages.

Step 1: Use your TITLE Tag Properly!

Most search engines place a lot of weight on the content of your TITLE tag. Your page’s title is very important and you should design it properly. Do not set the title of your page to something totally unrelated to your site. For example: “Welcome!” or “Thank You For Visiting!” simply will not do.

When surfing the net I often see plenty of pages where the title is “Untitled Document” or “Title Your Page Here” – the page owner hadn’t even specified a title at all. It’s unfortunate because those pages are missing out on potential search engine ranking.

Your TITLE tag should clearly represent what your site is about. If you’re building a page that talks about your company’s products, the title should thoroughly reflect that topic. “Our Products” or “Product Listings” is a bad choice for a page title – people are probably going to be searching for your company by name or by the type of product you sell. Thus, using our website as an example: “Vancouver Web Design, SEO Vancouver, BC Web Design”. What ever business you are in, make sure your title tag reflects exactly who you are and what you do.

Also consider using keywords in your TITLE tag. For example, let’s say you’re selling real estate. You might want to make the title of your main page “Seattle Real Estate, Real Estate Agency in Seattle, Listing Homes, Property and Commercial listing for the Seattle Area!”

As you can see, this title gets right to the point about the topic of the page. It also uses your keyword: “Seattle Real Estate,” and more specifically “Real Estate Listings in Seattle” (twice). Someone searching for “Real Estate” is more likely to find YOUR page than a page titled “Homes For Sale.”

Step 2: Keywords aren’t just for META tags

Over the years, META tags have been hawked as “the” way to get good listings in the search engines. Early on, this was true – when META tags were first created in the HTML specifications, search engines put a lot of weight on them. Several years ago you could literally boost yourself to the top of the search results by including repetitive keywords in your META tags.

However, META tags have now become the most abused part of web pages. People routinely add META keywords to their page which have no relevance to their site’s topic. For example, many webmasters use META keywords like “pics” or “mp3” even if their site has nothing to do with those categories. They’re hoping that people who search for hot topics will stumble across their page and stop by.

Those tactics do not work anymore. META tags now carry a surprisingly low weight in all of the popular search engines. What is important now is the overall content of your page. Search engines have algorithms (methods) for determining what your web pages are really about. These algorithms are closely-guarded secrets, for obvious reasons.

However, they all focus on one thing these days: the REAL content in your web page. If you create a web page about “The CompanyABC Business Opportunity” but include META keywords like “free pics” and “download music,” your site’s not going to be indexed under the topics you defined in your keywords. In fact, it might be rejected altogether!

Not only should you make sure that your META keywords tag appropriately reflects the content of your page, you should ensure that the text content of your page contains a good distribution of your keywords. Mention your company name often (and evenly) throughout your site.

For Example: “Our Company is the best company around. Imagine working at home and being your own boss – Our Company makes it possible! Your potential for earnings with Our Company is unlimited. Our Company allows you to sell as much as you want or as little as you want. The amount of money you make with Our Company depends on how much effort you put into your Our Company business.”

Using your company name strategically and through out your web page is going to get you much higher rankings when someone performs a search for Our Company. As you can see, the keyword (Our Company) is evenly distributed. Don’t try bunching up your keywords at the end of the page, that doesn’t work and may prevent you from being listed at all. You should concentrate on using keywords as part of your site’s content, and spreading them evenly throughout your text.

As you can see, these two steps are pretty simple. It’s all a matter of incorporating them into the design of your web pages – or redesigning your pages to fit, if your site is already live and submitted. There is never any guarantees that your website will end up #1 in the search results, but I do guarantee that if you follow these two steps you’ll achieve better overall rankings.

Above all else, avoid common spammer tactics like grouping keywords at the bottom of your page, or trying to “hide” keywords by making the text the same color as your page’s background. Search engines look for these methods and will often disqualify your page if they encounter what they think is spam.